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General Sites about Native Americans

Grolier Online
The Curtis Collection Index of the North American Indian -- describes tribal life & customs -- 80 different tribes
Index of Native American Cultural Resources on the Internet -- links related to various tribes
Native Languages of the Americas: Facts for Kids  -- Great information!
US Tribal Websites Sub-Categories

Links to official and unofficial web pages of Native American tribes.
Northeast Southeast Great Basin Southwest
Great Plains Plateau California Pacific Northwest


Abenaki Home Page  -- Abenaki history and information about the people.





Mohawk -- The Iroquois of the Northeast -- Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Iroqouis Indian Museum  -- the Mohawk are one of the Iroqouis tribes



Caddo --  There are links at the bottom of the page for history, language & culture.


Native Americans in North Georgia (Cherokee & Creek)   Detailed history of the people and culture.

The Cherokee Nation  -- Includes history, from treaties and important dates to the Trail of Tears, dress, language and legends. Click on Culture to find this information.

Chickasaw Nation  -- Information about heritage, history, and culture.

Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma  -- Official page of the Choctaw nation, with sections on history & culture.


Choctaw Vision

Creek Indians  -- Creek nation in Georgia, treaties related to them, Chief William McIntosh, Creek War of 1836 and more.


Seminole -- Seminole nation of Florida


Great Basin

Paiute/Shoshone Cultural Page


Southern Ute Indian Tribe  -- History, maps  culture and more.


Shoshoni -- Section from PBS special on Lewis & Clark




Apache -- Culture & Religion


White Mountain Apache History

Hopi: The Real Thing  -- This site presents the tribe's origins, language, religion, and more.

The Hopi of the Southwest  -- from Carnegie Museum of Natural History


Mojave   -- Mojave National Preserve


The Navajo  -- The Navajo (Dineh)


Navajo Nation -- History, legends & beliefs




Great Plains 

Arapaho -- History, culture & links


Cheyenne Tribe Overview  -- All about how the Cheyenne tribe lived.


Comanche History -- History, maps and images, and more.


The Lakota (Sioux) of the Great Plains -- from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History


The Great Sioux Nation -- wonderful information from the History Channel.

Wichita & Affiliated Tribes  -- Includes the Wichita, Waco, Tawakoni, and Keechi tribes.  Go to the "culture" section.





Nez Perce

Umatilla -- Information about the tribes on the Umatilla reservation.





Cahuilla Cultural History --  from the Agua Caliente band of Cahuilla Indians


Luiseno -- information from the Soboba Band of the Luiseno Indians


Maidu Indians




Miwok   -- A gateway to numerous sites about the Miwok

History of the Coast Miwok at Point Reyes

Yahi and Yana (Yanan Tribes)

Pomo -- A brief history of the Pomo People


The Kayasha Pomo


Pacific Northwest

A History of the Northwest Coast  -- Early Northwest, its native people and western expansion.


Chinook Tribe of Then and Now  -- This comprehensive site from Edwards Elementary in Newberg Oregon presents the history of the tribe's lifestyle, ceremonies, transportation, food, shelter and more.


Haida Culture & Ocean --  totems, fishing, food, art


Haida Culture -- history, potlatches, myths

Makah -- Culture, history & language.


Shokomish Tribe of Indians Washington State -- A brief history of the nation.


Tlingit --  Site with information about land, clothes, food, etc.


The Tlingit of the Northwest Coast -- From the Carnegie Museum of Natural History




Anne Mangels, Library Media Teacher
Updated March 20, 2013