Project Points = 100





Project Examples Manu Tech 034




The first thing you will need to do when you have selected this project is print out a copy of the BIRDHOUSE PATTERN, BIRDHOUSE PROCEDURE, Birdhouse Checklist, and the MATERIALS LIST.


Before starting to make this project, take a look at the BIRDHOUSE RUBRIC so you will know what you will be graded on.  When you are finished with the birdhouse, you can come back to this page and print the rubric and grade yourself.



#1         Getting Started Making a Birdhouse

#2         Cut Bottom to Length

#3         Birdhouse Sides

#4         Front and Back, Measure, Cut, and File

#5         Drill Pilot Holes on the Front and Back

#6         Cut Birdhouse Entrance Hole        #6A   Drill Press     or     #6B  Coping Saw

#7         Cut Dowel to Length

#8         Sand the Birdhouse


#9        Nail Sides to Front and Back

#10      Nail Bottom On Birdhouse

 #11      Glue and Nail the Roof

#12      Birdhouse Shingle Measure and Glue