Pewter Chess Set

150 Points for figures



The instructions contained herein are provided to help you complete each of these projects. Take the time to carefully preview each project before beginning, and carefully read each step while working on the project.

Pewter casting is a fun activity. Working with molten metal can be dangerous though if proper safety precautions are not followed strictly. This project does require an additional shop fee since pewter can be quite expensive. In 2012  it was selling for about $1.25 an ounce. That means the material needed will cost around $112, maybe more, depending on the current price of pewter and how much you use. While the actual pouring of the pieces is quick and fun, completing the detailing afterward can be boring and time consuming. Detailing includes filing off the parting lines, cutting off the sprues, and polishing, painting, sandblasting or oxidizing. Keep in mind there are 32 pieces you will have to work on. Click here for Names and Quantities.

Read the PEWTER CASTING STUDY GUIDE first so you will have an understanding of the safety rules.

Watch the PEWTER SAFETY POWERPOINT and complete the quiz at the end.

Then you will need to print, complete, and pass the PEWTER CASTING SAFETY TEST before proceeding. 

Use the PEWTER CHESS SET RUBRIC to grade your completed project.