Project Points = 75




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There are three items required for this project, two introductory pieces, and one advanced piece. The first two small items that you can choose from are a lizard, turtle, fish, cross, heart, or arrowhead.  Look at the INTRODUCTORY LEATHER PATTERNS for the examples.   They are very simple and are designed to allow you to try out the tools and process while having fun.  They must be designed on paper first and be of top quality.  The two combined should take about three periods to complete. The leather is already cut into the shapes for you. You will use the tools to make impressions in the damp leather.  After it is dry you will put a finish on the leather with special leather paint, stain, and satin or gloss sheen (clear coat protectant). 


The final requirement is that you complete one larger ADVANCED LEATHERCRAFT PATTERN item such as a coaster, bookmark, bracelet, or rectangle (3 ½” X 4 ½”) that includes lacing around the outside edges.  It is expected that this will take at least 5 periods.  It must be designed on paper first and be of top quality.


Please don’t select this project because you are in a hurry and you think it will be quick and easy.  You will be very disappointed in your grade if the stamps are not straight, well planned, and neat.  Many students just start stamping designs all over their leather without a plan or design in advance.  This is a waste of time and materials.  If you decide to begin this project you will not be allowed to give up!  Additional leather pieces are not included in your original shop fee.  They can be purchased for $1.50 for the small ones, and $2.25 for the larger sizes. Lacing is fun and makes a nice looking project, but it is a little difficult until you get the hang of it.  The two methods you can chose from are the DOUBLE LOOP STITCH and the WHIPSTITCH.


The first thing you will need to do when you have selected this project is to read the INTRODUCTION TO LEATHERCRAFT information.  Then print out a copy of the LEATHERCRAFT PROCEDURE.  Before starting to make this project, take a look at the grade rubric so you will know what you will be graded on.  When you are finished with the project, you can come back to this page and print the LEATHERCRAFT GRADE RUBRIC and grade yourself.