Points = 100




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The first thing you will need to do when you have selected this project is print out a copy of the LETTER  PATTERNS, and the MONOGRAM PROCEDURE.  Look over the GRADING RUBRIC before you start so you will know what you will be graded on.  You will need to print it after your project is completed and you are ready for a grade. You can use the CHECKLIST to keep track of your progress.


Making this project requires that you learn to use the scroll saw. You will definitely need to study the SCROLL SAW SAFETY RULES and complete the SCROLL SAW WORKSHEET first.  You must know the names of the SCROLL SAW PARTS, they are on the test and worksheet. 


Then, take the SCROLL SAW SAFETY TEST .  If you pass you can use the scroll saw to cut out the letters.  This will make the project a breeze!