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Project Examples Manu Tech 043


Industrial and Technology Education Standards Addressed: 2.2 Writing (1.4 & 1.5) 2.4 Listening and speaking (1.3) 9.0 Leadership & Teamwork (9.3) 4.0 Technology (4.2 & 4.5) 6.0 Health and Safety 7.0 Responsibility and Flexibility 11.0 Demonstration & Application 10.0 Technical Knowledge & Skills (10.1 & 10.2)


You will cast three figures.  You will then oxidize one, paint one, and sandblast the remaining one.


The first thing you will need to do when you have selected this project is watch the PEWTER CASTING SAFETY POWERPOINT.  Complete the quiz at the end.  Then review the PEWTER CASTING STUDY GUIDE.  


When you are confident you know the material, print and take the PEWTER CASTING SAFETY TEST.  


Also print the PROCEDURE.   Also look over the  GRADING RUBRIC so that you will know what you will be graded on before you begin.  You can print it when you are done with your project and ready for your grade.