Points = 75






The robot project is a simple electronics circuit.  You will identify the different components in the circuit, insert them in the holes in the circuit board, and solder the wires to complete the connection.  Many parts have polarity.  This means there is a positive wire and a negative wire.  If they are soldered into the circuit backwards it won’t work.  This is a project that must be done slowly and meticulously since those that hurry through it usually make several mistakes that are difficult to reverse.


Solder for electronics is a little different than the solder we use for the stained glass project.  The solder we use on the robot is called “Flux Core Solder”.  It is hollow and is filled with a paste flux.  When it melts the flux flows and cleans and etches the wires so the solder will stick.  Proper soldering technique is necessary so the flux doesn’t burn up before it can do its job.  Heat the copper circle on the circuit board and the wire of the component for about 2-3 seconds before touching the solder to the iron.  By doing this the metal will be hot enough to join with the solder as soon as it is melted onto the connection. Melting the solder onto the tip of the iron above the project, then dripping the solder onto the wires makes a cold joint that usually won’t hold.  All the smoke that appears when melting the solder in this method is actually the flux burning.  If all the flux burns up, the solder won’t be able to adhere to the connection since it won’t be clean.


You will need to find a computer with speakers or headphones so you can hear the sound.  Headphones must be plugged into the BACK of the computer!  If the sound doesn’t work, click the speaker icon at the bottom of your screen and make sure it isn’t on “MUTE”, or the volume isn’t all the way down to quiet. Watch the ROBOT VIDEO.  Make up 5 questions that could be used as a quiz. 


Read and study about ELECTRONICS LAB SAFETY. 


Print and complete the ELECTRONICS SAFETY TEST.


Practice soldering using paper clips. Start by soldering 2 paperclips together.  Heat the paperclips up with the soldering iron first then add a small amount of solder. Then try to make a “Man” like the one shown below.




Read about the SECRET COLOR CODE that is painted on resistors by using colored circles that go around the resistor.


Print and complete the USING COLOR CODE WORKSHEET.


Print the ROBOT PARTS CHECKLIST and bring it to the teacher to receive your robot kit.  Check your kit carefully to make sure everything is included!  If something is missing you have 30 minutes to notify the teacher, otherwise we will assume you lost it and you will have to purchase the parts you are missing.


Follow the ROBOT DIRECTIONS included in your kit until you have completed the project. Please don’t print these directions, a copy is included in your kit.


Print the GRADE RUBRIC and put your name on it immediately.