Project Point Value = 25



 Mini Mirrors 006.jpg


The first thing you will need to do when you have selected this project is print out a copy of the MINI – Mirror Procedure. Check off your progress using the MINI - MIRROR CHECKLIST. Before starting to make this project, take a look at the GRADE RUBRIC so you will know what you will be graded on.  When you are finished with the project, you can come back to this page and print the rubric and grade yourself.


The requirement is that you must have three elements for this project: An Image, A Corner Design or Border, and Text.



HOW-TO VIDEOS: These take time to load. Be Patient!

B-1  Weed the Resist

B-2 Remove Border Strips

B-3 Transfer Vinyl to Mirror

B-4 Apply Edge Strips

B-5 Take it Outside

B-6 Insert In Sandblaster

B-7 Inside View of Sandblaster

B-8 Use the Foot Pedal


C-1 Rinse off Excess Sand

C-2 Remove the Vinyl

C-3 Clean the Mirror

C-4 Done Cleaning

C-5 Hanger Installation Video

C-6 Add Name and Date to Back

C-7 Darken Name with Sharpie

C-8 Erase Guidelines