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This is a “Premium Project”.  That means you will need to pay extra for the parts because your materials donation of $20 will not cover the cost.  If you paid the $20 basic donation, you can apply $5.00 of it toward the skateboard.  Using our parts, most students spend about $70 or more for this project. You are free to buy your parts elsewhere, or take them off of an old board to re-use them. We do not make a profit on these items. Use the SKATEBOARD PURCHASE WORKSHEET to add up the items you want to purchase. The prices are shown below.


After you calculate how much the skateboard is going to cost and complete the purchase worksheet, have Mr. Swasey approve your worksheet before bringing a check. Print a copy of the SKATEBOARD PROCEDURE.  Also look over the  GRADING RUBRIC so that you will know what you will be graded on before you begin.  You can print it when you are done with your project and ready for your grade.


SPECIAL NOTE: We do not allow you to drill through grip tape with our drill bits. It is very abrasive and will ruin the bit after just a few holes. Put the grip tape on last and it covers the screw heads making a very clean looking board. You can buy a drill bit at the hardware store for about $3 and bring it to class if you want to drill the grip tape.  Do NOT use scissors to cut grip tape.  They will be ruined instantly by the abrasive sand.  Instead, borrow a utility knife from the teacher. ALSO, we do not allow SPLATTER painting on any projects in Man-Tec as it makes quite a mess.


Videos: Installing Grip Tape



Boards:            Santa Cruz Ultralyte   9” wide X 31” long                     $18

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Flat Longboard  9” wide X 48” long     $8

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Trucks              5” CARGO brand POLISHED (Priced per pair)                      $26     

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Bolts                1” Bolt Set (Includes 8 Nuts and Bolts) $2       

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Bearings           ABEC 7 Bearings (Set of 8)                             $10     

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Wheels             RICTA Brand    VERY LIMITED CHOICE OF COLORS!  Colors Vary based on what we have in stock.  (Set of 4)          $15                             

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Grip Tape         10” Wide, sold by the foot                                $1.25/foot       

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