CPM Algebra 1 Chapter 1 Test   Study Guide


No Calculators permitted.


6 problems with integers, order of operations. (6 pts)

Compute. Leave answers in simplest form.



6 Diamond problems. (12 pts)

Solve the following Diamond Problems.  Leave answers in simplest form.



Name all four study team roles. (4 pts)


Use a Guess and Check table to solve a problem about rectangles, perimeter or area.

Make sure your table is clear and organized and that you write your answer in a

complete sentence.  (5 pts)



You are given figures 2, 3, and 4 of a growing tile pattern.

Draw the first and fifth figures in the space provided.

Complete the table to record the number of tiles for each figure.

Predict the number of tiles in the 6th and 100th figure.

Describe how the pattern grows either in words or with a formula. (5 points)