Your challenge is to build a container that will completely save an egg in a high impact crash.  This is an individual assignment!

Container Specifications
The container can be no larger than 10 inches (26 cm)  x 10 inches (26 cm) x 10 inches (26 cm) .

Egg Specifications

  • cannot modify egg in any way (can't tape it up, paint it, etc.)
  • the egg must be able to go in & out of the container in a relatively short time (no more than 30 seconds), like a passenger can easily get into and out of a car


  • The container with the egg in it will be dropped from a height of 2 m.  If it survives (no cracks) the next height will be 3 m.  If it survives in tact then the next height will be 4 m. Last will be 4.5 m.
  • You must put an X on the part of the container that you want to hit the ground.
  • You must write your name and period clearly on your container.
  • The container should be able to withstand multiple impacts.


  • You must use a container, such as a box or a can that was designed to hold things.   Possible items include: 2 liter soda bottles (modified), milk cartons, etc.  You cannot use any packaging materials (Styrofoam bits or bubble wrap, etc.) or immerse the egg in liquid.  Make sure that whatever you use meets the container specifications (see above). No parachutes. Use only materials that you have at home.  You don't have to go to the store  to buy any materials.


Science to consider

  • What forces are & what they can do.
  • How to absorb forces effectively.  Impulse, impulse, impulse!  Remember the Surviving Car Crash Video!
  • Velocity at impact and how to calculate it.

Write up 
You must complete the worksheet before, during & after your participation. 

Write up exemption
If your egg survives the 4 m mark (it has to pass the 2 m and 3 m mark first), then you don't have to finish the write-up parts 4 and 5.  You automatically receive the 5 points possible (provided you completed part 1-3 at a proficient level).  Also to be eligible for the write up exemption you must bring in your egg saver container Monday ready to be dropped.  If you don't bring it in Monday, you are not eligible for the exemption. If you don't bring in an egg saver container you will be doing a book assignments everyday that must be completed.

This assignment is worth 5 points (with a weight of 4).  Points will be deducted if your egg doesn't survive at least the 2 m drop.  The write-up will be graded on how complete and accurate it was done.