Cell Analogy Posters Student Examples of this project

A major part of this unit is learning the parts of the cell and their functions. In this project you will demonstrate understanding of the cell by making an analogy of the cell, taking each organelle and function into consideration.





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Cell Analogy Grading Sheet


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Part of this project is the participation in the evaluation of the cell analogies. Each student will evaluate four projects other than his or her own. The grading and point system is detailed in the graph below.


4 points for excellent / 3 = good / 2 = needs improvement / 1 = not adequate / 0 = not present


Corrected by Group #





Overall Presentation





All Organelles Present





Functions Correctly Stated





For the next grading category award 10 points for an A+, 9 = A, 8 = B, 7 = C, 6 0 = less than adequate

Cell Analogies are Logically Explained





Total Out of 22 points