Gattaca Questions  Answers

1. (Vincent) Life expectancy= 32 years

Heart condition= 99%

Explain “Genetic Probability”: It the probability that your genes may create a certain condition.

2. (Analyze, interpret or explain any quotes)

“Keep in mind the child is still you, simply the best of you.”

They take the best combinations of genes the parents have to make a “best” offspring.

3. “For the genetically superior success is not guaranteed…”

Same as “genetic probability” for instance Jerome is in a wheelchair.

4. Why does he wash/scrub so vigorously?

So any trace of who he really is doesn’t fall off of him and show his identity.

5. What is a “Borrowed Ladder”?

Borrowed DNA, using Jerome’s Identity.

6. “No one exceeds his potential.”

This obviously isn’t true since Vincent is!!!

7. What is so special about the piano player?

He has 12 fingers

8. Who is your main suspect in the murder of the director? Why?


9. “I never did tell you about my son.”

His own son apparently is not perfect so Vincent has become kind of a hero for him.

10. Summarize your thoughts about the “natural way” and DNA manipulation.