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Setting your Goals (tips)


Day One Power Point and No Excuses Video

The Ultimate Goal Motivational Video

The Power of Words:


Never Quit:


Welcome to the class website. I believe that a student's education is an investment in their internal personal bank account where anything is possible if a person tries, maybe gets a little help or direction along the way, and never quits. Of course, it all begins with one's attitude as experiencing success, happiness, accomplishing goals, and any other positive attribute starts with the mindset a person gives himself/herself. One other aspect to the recipe is most aptly put by Henry Ford: "Failure is only the opportunity to begin life more intelligently." It is through the mistakes people make that help them learn, so it is something not to be avoided but embraced. Plus, we must consider that we are meaning making machines who tend to impulsively judge everything in order to help us deal with the world we live in, so we will confront such inclinations to look deeper for the truth as we explore the day to day learning. In the end, students will come to reflect upon their lives and education in a manner best said by Walt Whitman: "The powerful play [of life] goes on and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be?" It is this challenge and the prior ideas that drive the work and journey my students will encounter throughout this year accompanied by all the standards we need to master in the Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening strands of the California State Standards along with some extras to help round out the students. To begin this journey, let's start with the Latin phrase: "Carpe Diem." May the year each student encounters reach beyond their expectations as they grow and blossom into introspective, self-directed, confident, and powerful life-long learners.

Our Mission/Our Struggle

Shift Happens 3.0 Video:

Shift Happens 4.0:


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IMPORTANT NEWS: Any Late Assignment Must Be Turned In Within ONE WEEK From When It Was Assigned In Order to Receive Any Credit! After that, the MI (missing) will change to a grade of Zero



Aug. 19-23   Aug 26-30   Sept 2-6   Sept 9-13   Sept 16-20   Sept 23-27   Sept 30-Oct 4   Oct 7-11   Oct 14-18   Oct 21-25   Oct 28-Nov 1   Nov 4-8  

Beginning of the Year Assignments (Not Categorized Below)

Diagnostic Letter Assignment   Diagnostic Letter Example: Mr. V.  Web Search Assignment    Diagnostic Paragraph Assignment   Multiple Intelligence Survey    Multiple Intelligence Overview     Multiple Intelligences Brainstorming Example       Scavenger Hunt    Fact Vs. Opinion Sheet   Quotes Page Assignment





Importance of Writing:      Writing Process/PreWriting:       Format for the Paragraph:       Identifiers and Transitions:       Filling in the Mult. Intelligences last page:       Filling in the Prewriting:



Resources: Paragraph Format    Paragraph Pre-Writing Sheet   Common Mistakes in Paragraphs    Parts of the Paragraph in Threes  Paragraph Final Draft Check List    Paragraph Rubric  Study Guide for Paragraph Test  Summary Writing Packet   Veto on Video Games Pre-Writing Sheet    Veto on Video Games Article for Summary


Writing Assignments: Multiple Intelligence Paragraph   Multiple Intelligence Brain Storming Example   Favorite Activity Paragraph   Favorite Activity Pre-Write Breakdown Example  Favorite Activity Example Practice  Significant Object Paragraph   Uniqely Me Paragraph   Meaning of Name Paragraph  Meaning of Name Example  Book Citation Sheet   Internet Citation Sheet   Works Cited Practice Sheet   Three Things Learned Paragraph   Choices and Consequences Paragraph 



Resources: Essay Writing and Format   Essay Pre-Writing Sheet  Dropout Video:   Dropout Power Point

Common Mistakes in Essays   One Thing Important Quotes   Group Essay Checklist   Essay Final Draft Checklist  Response to Literature Packet    Common Mistakes with Response to Literature   Persuasive Writing Packet   Narrative Writing Packet    Pre-Writing Sheet for Narrative Essay 


Writing Assignments: Drop Out Rewrite Essay   One Thing Important Essay    Family Essay Paragraph Rewrite   Elzie's Character Essay   Alberto's Lesson Essay   Peer-Editing Focus for Lesson Essay   Cat verses Dog Persuasive Essay   Personal Experience Essay   




Timed Writing One Strength   Timed Writing Cell Phone/Computer   Timed Writing Mysterious Key  Timed Writing Ask Sam  4 Practice Timed Writing Prompts 




Final Writing Assignments

Published Paragraph   Published Essay   Final Essay Assignment   End of Year Letter



Mr. Victor’s Writing Packet    Topic Sentence Practice sheet   Topic Sentence Practice Filled in   Point Sentence Practice sheet    Point Sentence Practice Filled in    Example Sentence Practice sheet     Concluding Sentence Practice sheet    Favorite Activity Example Practice Sheet 

Paragraph Notes Page  Peer-Edit and PQP Notes Page  




GRAMMAR Resources:

Grammar Guide   Parts of Speech Rap:         Punctuation Rules     Tips for Parts of Speech      4 Parts of the Sentence    Nouns Song:

Cloze Passage Verbs   MadLibs School Day Exercise  Pronoun Problem:  Adverb Song:   Helping Verbs:   Prepositions:    Compound Sentences:

Complex Sentences:    Active/Passive Voice:    Compound/Complex Sentence Study Guide  

Grammar Practice/Assignments:  Nouns    Pronouns     Adjectives & Articles    Verbs    Adverbs    Action & Linking Verbs    Helping Verbs    Conjunctions & Interjections    Prepositions    Hyphens, Parentheses, Brackets, & Dashes    Apostrophes    Abbreviations    Commas, Semi-Colons, & Colons    Quotations    Underlining & Italics   


Clauses: Independent   Clauses Subordinate   Combining Sentences And, But , Or   Combining Sentences Subordinating Clauses   Compound/Complex Sentences    Compound/Complex Practice Review   Compound or Complex?    Simple, Compound, Complex Sentence Review    Compound/Complex Test Review   Adjective Clauses     Adverb Clauses     Simple/Compound/Complex Practice 1   Simple/Compoun/Complex Practice 2   Simple/Compound/Complex Practice 3   Simple/Compound/Complex Practice 4     Simple/Compound/Complex Take Home Quiz


Infinitives    Participles    Modifiers  

Pronouns Test Prep    Active Voice    4 Types and Kinds of Sentences   Writing Skills   Reading Comprehension 1    Informational Texts 1    Parts of Speech   Punctuation Test Prep   Reading Comprehension 2   Capitalization Test Prep   Informational Texts 2    Commonly Misused Words        Degrees of Comparison   Spelling Test Prep   Main Idea & Theme   Writing Strategies 1   Writing Strategies 2


Power Points for:

Parts of the Paragraph   Parts of Speech      Nouns      Pronouns     Verbs     Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs Review    Adjectives    Adverbs    Prepositions    Conjunctions and Interjections     Punctuation Rules     Comma Splices and Run-ons     Fragments, Run-ons, Comma Splices   Simple/Compound/Complex Tests   Simple Complex Compound Review   Modifiers   Participles   Infinitives   Active Voice    Types and Kinds of Sentences  



Resources: Prefixes, Roots, Suffixes Video    Vocabulary Warm-up 


New Units:  audi unit    dict unit   port unit     rupt unit   scribe/script   spect   struct   tract   vis  auto  bio   Graph   Hydro   Meter   Ology   Photo   Scope   Tele   Therm


Older Units: acu/migr unit    al unit    arbitr/noc unit    astro unit    auto unit    capit/corp unit    crypt/gnom unit    derm unit    dorm/tang unit    ethn/centr unit    gen unit    pel unit    phobia unit    sed unit    soci unit    tele unit   therm unit



Literary Terms Packet    Reading Journal Instructions   Short Story Literary Terms PowerPoint  Poetry Literary Terms PowerPoint  Blank Two Column Notes  Two Column Notes for “7th Grade”   Idioms in "7th Grade"   Morals in "The Cat Who Thought She Was . . . "   After 20 Years” Literary Analysis Sheet    Literary Analysis of "Man in the Glass"  Poem: "Trying to Tell It"   Poem: "The Road Not Taken"   Poetry Record Sheet   Venn Diagram for “Trying to Tell” and “Road Not Taken”   Two Column Notes on “Luckiest Time of All”    Personal Response: "Luckiest Time"    Plot Wheel For: "Luckiest"   Developing Character: "Luckiest"  Story: "Both Sides of The Fence"   "Both Sides" Handouts   Evelyn Character List   Questions for Evelyn  Irish Constitution Articles in Evelyn

Character Profile Sheet   (Example Character Profile Sheet) "I Cannot Say . . ."   "To the Virgins to . . ."   Video from Dead Poets Society for “To the Virgins:”    Venn Diagram for "I Cannot Say and Courage My Mother Had"   Venn Diagram for "Tarzan" and "Zoo"  

What is a Hero Close Reading   Hero Close Reading PowerPoint     Close Reading of Runner Hero Award    3-2-1 Runner Hero Award PowerPoint

Outsiders Novel Unit:   Background Power Point   Outsider's chapter questions  Major Characters List   Additional Chapter Questions   Important Concepts   Study Information   Background Info   Cliques vs Gangs   Tuff vs Rank   Character Descriptions   Slang in the Novel   Idioms in Outsiders  Simile and Metaphor   Hero Activity   Bucket List   Math Attitude   Giving Advice   Today's Problems   Psychology of Gangs   Main Quotes   Test Study Guide



Meaning of Name Project    Zodiac Assignment    Journey Towards Self-Discovery  JTSD Power Point Planning Sheet    Planning Sheet Example   Tips for Creating/Saving/Printing Power Point   JTSD Power Point Example     JTSD Presentation Example    Final End of Year Project     Final Project Presentation Example



Course Outline   Quarterly Units   Fast Academy Facts & Homework Hints    Purple Slips    Rewards and Motivation      



State Testing Percentages     Benefits to the Writing Process   State Testing Test Prep Packet (Yellow)     EXTRA CREDIT CD OPPORTUNITY


100 Merit Activity     The Year at a Glance


Inspirational Videos




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